5 key takeaways from the Buffalo Bills insanely tough 2024 schedule

With the Buffalo Bills schedule release, on paper the Bills clearly have one of the toughest schedules in the league. I've got your five key takeaways here with the Bills 2024 schedule.
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NFL missed not scheduling the Buffalo Bills against Stefon Diggs and the Texans in primetime

This seemed like a no-brainer to me. With all the media attention that Diggs garnered since last offseason, followed by the trade to the Texans, this game would get a ton of attention with Allen versus Diggs. Plus, it's a conference matchup and both teams are division winners and playoff teams from 2023. What more do you need to put a game on primetime? Did the NFL miss this gift-wrapped opportunity for some extra eyeballs?

This matchup is in Week Five and sandwiched between two primetime games for the Bills, Week Four against the Ravens on Sunday Night, and Week Six against the New York Jets on Monday Night. Maybe the league didn't want the Bills on primetime for three straight weeks, after already featuring them from Weeks Two through Four, but when the Bills are on, NFL fans watch.