5 key takeaways from the Buffalo Bills insanely tough 2024 schedule

With the Buffalo Bills schedule release, on paper the Bills clearly have one of the toughest schedules in the league. I've got your five key takeaways here with the Bills 2024 schedule.
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The Buffalo Bills' late-season matchups with the New England Patriots is odd.

To close out the season with two of three against the New England Patriots in Weeks 16 and 18 seems off to me. The Patriots are not a contender for the division title, and in years past the league typically sets this up for potential battle for the division title. The Patriots are in full-on rebuild mode and will most likely be starting rookie Drake Maye by that point of the season.

This would have been the prime place to schedule games against the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins, given both of those teams should be in serious contention for the division title. They do have the Jets sandwiched between the two Patriots games, and the Jets close out the season against the Bills and Dolphins in the final week of the season. This tells me more about what the NFL thinks of the Jets and Dolphins and those two play each other in Week 14.