5 key matchups for Buffalo Bills vs. Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 5

Buffalo Bills v Jacksonville Jaguars
Buffalo Bills v Jacksonville Jaguars / Douglas P. DeFelice/GettyImages
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1.) Sean McDermott vs. Doug Pederson

The battle of two head coaches who are in control of their respective franchises will be facing off for the second time in their careers. When Doug Pederson was the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2019, he led the Eagles to a 31-13 dominant win over Sean McDermott and the Bills.

While McDermott is a defensive minded coach, Pederson puts his focus on the offense which is part of the reason why Trevor Lawrence looked like a successful quarterback last season as compared to his rookie season with Urban Meyer. 

Pederson is not a Mike McDaniel or Kyle Shanahan type of offensive coach, but he knows how to get the best out of his players who play for him. He knows how to support his players, and can come up with unique offensive schemes to put his players in the best position possible.

McDermott will be tasked as the defensive playcaller to cause havoc for Lawrence and cause confusion for Pederson. Play calling in this game will be important through all four quarters.