5 initial reactions from Buffalo Bills Week 8 win over the Bucs

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Buffalo Bills
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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Buffalo Bills defense is excellent when they have the lead

This may seem obvious but the Buffalo Bills defense is excellent when they can play with a lead. The past three weeks this hasn't been the case with the offense struggling but with the Bills able to build a lead in this game, it allowed the defense to get back to what they do best.

The Bills allowed only 10 points through the first three quarters but three points were on a 57-yard field goal and the Bucs first touchdown was due to a short field after Josh Allen's pass was tipped up in the air and intercepted. After that, the Bills answered right back with a touchdown and the defense was able to get back to being an aggressive group that can get after the quarterback.

The Bucs had been one of the best teams in terms of protecting the quarterback and allowed the second fewest sacks in the NFL entering Week 8 with only eight allowed. However, they were able to do a good job pressuring Baker Mayfield with three sacks and 10 QB hits.