5 initial reactions from Buffalo Bills' 20-17 win vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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5.) Josh Allen’s interception streak extends

Even though the Buffalo Bills got up early on the Chiefs, that did not stop quarterback Josh Allen from extending his interception streak to nine consecutive games. Since Week 5, Allen has had one interception in eight games and two interceptions in one game.

In the second quarter, Chiefs’ defender Chamarri Conner picked off Allen when the Bills were driving and it stalled the offense for a bit. Even though Allen has been dynamic at times, this season is highlighted by his turnovers. In this nine game stretch, there has only been one game (against the New York Jets) where the interception was not the worst idea as it was a hail mary pass.

This streak is the longest in the NFL in six seasons, and it sums up how the Bills’ season has gone up until this game. One mistake can cost momentum and force a game closer than it should be. 

4.) Buffalo Bills’ offense struggled in the second half

In two of the first three offensive drives for the Bills, it resulted in six points each. First it was a James Cook receiving touchdown and then it was a Josh Allen run that a pile pushed across the goaline. In the second half, the Bills would score just six points off of two field goals as they failed to capitalize off of the turnovers that the Buffalo defense forced. With a mixture of dropped passes, failure to create separation, as well as lack of protection upfront. 

The Bills will need to play better complimentary football moving forward as the defense let up and the offense was not helping them. However, the defense did what it needed to do to come out with a win.