5 initial reactions to the Buffalo Bills huge week 11 win against the New York Jets

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Joe Brady might be play-calling his way to permanent OC status for 2024

It's amazing how much better the offense looked with Joe Brady calling the plays. I'm not afraid to admit when I might have been wrong, and this looks to be one of those moments. I had said for weeks the players simply need to execute and not turn the ball over, but I was reminded of something Nyheim Hines had said last season after joining the Bills. I don't have the exact quote, but he indicated that the Bills playbook was very complex, which we can only assume probably contributed to his lack of involvement.

We've also heard this sentiment from a few other players, so now I'm wondering if that was the issue. The playbook was making the players think too much and not just going out and playing. We say Allen under center more and I loved seeing the running backs getting involved in the passing game too. Both Cook and Ty Johnson are viable weapons for Allen.

The Buffalo Bills are still alive in the AFC

I just finished up my week-by-week prediction for the Bills remaining games and so far I'm one for one. I mentioned that I believe the Bills need to go 5 - 2 over the final seven games to get in. I also said in that prediction piece that Buffalo would lose to the Eagles. However, if this is the Bills offense we are going to get from here on out, Buffalo could be shocking everyone with a big-time win next week against the Eagles.

That said though, I don't want to get too carried away. The Jets have a great defense and Buffalo just slapped them in the face with 32 points, which is the most points any team has scored against the Jets in a single game this year. Things are going to be very interesting the rest of the way and every game will be huge but if this team gets on a roll and makes the playoffs, watch out AFC.

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