5 initial reactions to the Buffalo Bills huge week 11 win against the New York Jets

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Bills run game was a staple of the offense

When talking about rushing the ball, I like to remove the kneel-downs from the final stat line. S, the Bills totaled 132 rushing yards on 36 carries, for a 3.67 per carry. The per-carry average wasn't very good, but it was good to see the team run the ball that much and be able to close out the game. But James Cook had 17 carries and he turned that into 73 yards, but he also added another three receptions for 29 yards and a touchdown. Around 20 total touches for Cook is ideal.

Both Latavious Murray and Ty Johnson got involved too, combining for 13 carries and three receptions for 93 yards and a touchdown. It was interesting to see Johnson in the game and playing a significant role. I'm curious if that was a situational decision or if we'll see more of the same, utilizing his speed. I also wonder what it will look like when Leonard Fournette gets on the field.