5 initial reactions to the Buffalo Bills huge week 11 win against the New York Jets

Buffalo Bills
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The Bills came out with energy

I don't know if the changing of offensive coordinators had anything to do with the energy level or if the team just said, "&*%#" it, let's just play and have fun. Reggie Gilliam was fired up and ready to knock some Jets around and he did that. The team immediately set the tone with the opening turnover, which was good to see from the Bills.

Throughout the game, Buffalo seemed to be more energetic and pumped. At one point, I saw Josh Allen smiling on the field and you love to see it. This team is supremely talented and needs to just relax and play the game. Was things too complicated on the offensive side of the ball, causing them to have to think too much? I don't know but we'll talk a little more about that later.