5 guaranteed wins for Buffalo Bills on 2023 NFL schedule

Stefon Diggs, Josh Allen
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Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills, NFL Schedule
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Buffalo Bills guaranteed win Number 5: Week 17 vs. New England Patriots

It sure is fun watching the Bills own the Patriots, for once. Last year was a blast, seeing the Patriots’ playoff hopes come crashing down in a loss to Buffalo in Week 18. Bill Belichick might be a great coach, but he doesn’t have his quarterback anymore. Clearly, Tom Brady helped Belichick more than we might have originally thought.

Or, Mac Jones just “ain’t it.”

Both could be true, actually. But, that’s besides the point. The fact of the matter is, Buffalo is the better team in all facets. The Bills are going to walk all over the Patriots at home. Although the road matchup might be a little closer for Buffalo and New England, this one won’t be. 

This game is going to be a near replica of what happened to end last year’s regular season. Allen is going to throw for three more touchdowns, with Stefon Diggs putting the rookie, Christian Gonzalez, on notice and having one of the best games of his season. Diggs has that type of nasty mentality, too, at times. He’s going to ensure the rookie knows who he is, and what he’s capable of doing.

Gonzalez is going to be a great player, but Diggs will have his way, catching a pair of touchdowns en route to a 37-21 Bills victory.

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