5 free agents the Buffalo Bills need to sign in 2024

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Gabriel Davis - Wide receiver

Some fans would prefer Davis sign elsewhere and the Bills to move on. I'm afraid I have to disagree and hope Buffalo can retain him. Understand though, I still want Beane and the Bills to draft at least one wide receiver, preferably two but keeping Davis on the roster is a good thing. He knows the system and QB1, and while we may want more consistency, fans don't call him "Big Play Gabe" for nothing.

If the Bills can find an answer for their number two receiver and Davis becomes the third or fourth option, the Bills could be even more lethal on offense. Secondly, if they swing for a number two wide receiver in the draft and he's not ready in year one to be that guy, the team can still fall back on Davis to continue that role. The Bills offense has been one of the top scorer teams in the league and that's with Davis as the number two wide receiver.


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