5 free agents the Buffalo Bills need to sign in 2024

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Josh Uche - Linebacker

Josh Uche is only 25 years old, but 2023 wasn't a good season for him but just a year ago, he recorded 11.5 sacks for the Patriots. The ability is there and in the right system, with the right players around him, I think he could be a terrific depth piece and be part of some of the Bills' pressure packages as well. If the Bills can re-sign Dodson and bring in Uche on a free agent deal, this would be a strength of not just the defense but the whole team.

Spotrac.com has Uche's market value listed at $8.3 million per year, but Beane has shown time and time again that he can get free agents in Buffalo for less. Plus, Spotrac's market projections are typically higher than what players sign. Uche might command too much on the free agent market but if Beane can work his magic, I think Uche can offer something for the Bills.