5 free agents the Buffalo Bills likely won't re-sign

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Tim Settle - Defensive Tackle

The Bills will need to try to retain a couple of these defensive tackles, given that only Ed Oliver is currently under contract for the 2024 season. I went back and forth between Settle and Poona Ford. I ultimately settled on Ford coming back and having a larger role on the team next season as part of the rotation with Oliver and (hopefully) DaQuan Jones. I know Jones is also a free agent but he's on my list of players the Bills need to re-sign, and I think they will.

We've seen what Settle brings to the team and it's not much more or less than what Ford brings but with Ford he could continue to grow in this defense in year two. Settle has two years here and not much has changed. Plus, Settle's average annual for 2023 was $4.5 million to Ford's $2.25 million. Ford can likely be had at a cheaper cost, which is important to the Bills this offseason.


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