5 free agents the Buffalo Bills likely won't re-sign

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Tyrel Dodson - Linebacker

Dodson is another player I like a lot and hope the Bills can bring him back. He played great this season when called upon after the Matt Milano injury ended his season and was Pro Football Focus' second highest-graded linebacker in 2023, behind San Francisco's Fred Warner. I think the problem with bringing him back is two-fold.

One is of course the money. Like with Gabe Davis, there will be a team or two that will offer him more money than what the Bills will or can match. The difference is with Matt Milano coming back in 2024, Dodson will be likely a backup to both Terrel Bernard and Milano, while there will be teams offering him starter money, with the opportunity to become a full-time starter. The one caveat to this could be the Bills' hiring a new defensive coordinator who might want to change things to a more conventional 4 - 3 defense, which I doubt will happen, but anything is possible.