5 edge defenders at NFL Combine Buffalo Bills could target in 2024 NFL Draft

Chris Braswell
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Jonah Ellis, Utah

Johan Ellis is 6'2" and weighs 246 pounds. He logged 1,085 snaps over 31 games in three seasons. He's projected as a second rounder but again, other sites have him later too. In his three seasons, he recorded 19 sacks, 13 of which came last season as a junior. He also recorded 41 quarterback pressures in 2023 but will that translate to the NFL?

NFLDraftbuzz.com graded him with an 86.3, fourth-best edge defender, and 47th overall prospect. Pro Football Focus gave him a grade of 84.7, the eighth-ranked edge defender, and 52nd overall draft prospect.

After going through these players and digging into the numbers a bit, there are some solid edge defenders available in this draft; however, if Buffalo wants to get a potentially elite edge defender, I think they will need to get them in the first round. Most fans want a wide receiver in the first round, but the Bills need to rebuild their defense with youthful talent and very good receivers will be available in the later rounds.


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