5 candidates that could be playing safety for the Buffalo Bills in 2024

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Chauncey Gardner-Johnson

When I looked at the free agent safeties, I took into account position, cost, and age. Hyde played
primarily the strong safety role for the Bills, even though he and Poyer were interchangeable for the most part. Buffalo could look to spend roughly the same amount they've paid Hyde and Poyer, which is around $8 to $9 million a year but I think they go cheaper this year. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson checks all the boxes.

He can play at a high level and is only 26 years old, so he can be a piece of the Bills secondary for the next four or five years. He's played mostly strong safety as well, most recently with the Detroit Lions. He played in only three games last season but totaled 17 total tackles, including 16 solo. His season was cut short due to a torn pectoral muscle. He could be signed to a team-friendly one-year deal, with incentives. The Bills will be in a better position next offseason to extend him if they so choose.