5 candidates that could be playing safety for the Buffalo Bills in 2024

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Christian Benford

First of all, don't assume anything with the order I list these players because it means nothing. That said, Benford is an option as one of the starting safeties. It's no secret that Buffalo had him practicing there his rookie year and a lot of the draft analysts were saying he's better suited to play safety. If the Bills look to their cornerback room for a potential move to safety, Benford makes sense from the standpoint of his skillset. He's the best tackler among the corners too, recording 54 total tackles last season, 43 solo. He also added two interceptions and a forced fumble.

We can also look at his Pro Football Grades and see how good he is against the run, scoring a PFF grade of 75.6, which was 22nd among all corners in the NFL. Benford can play both the run and the pass very effectively and would make a great candidate for the safety position. The problem is how well he played corner. His overall PFF grade of 83.0 was eighth best in the league and this was only his second season.