5 burning questions entering Week 6 the Buffalo Bills must answer

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Can the Bills get James Cook going again?

Bills fans are an interesting bunch. One week they are clamoring for more James Cook, more run game, and less Super Man Josh Allen. Now all I've heard all week is Josh Allen needs to step up and put this team on his shoulders. Allen has played great since that Week One disaster though, with ten touchdowns and only two turnovers over the last four games. I don't think he needs to be Super Man; he's already playing at an MVP level, the team just needs to not shoot themselves in the foot.

I think the Bills will get Cook rolling again though, as a big part of the lack of a running game last week, was due to down and distance. So many times the Bills were in second or third and long because of penalties. Buffalo's offensive line struggled for the first time in a while and I think they will rebound this week, albeit it's the Giants and not much of a test.