5 burning questions entering Week 6 the Buffalo Bills must answer

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Can Poona Ford fill the massive shoes of DaQuan Jones?

Poona Ford was inactive a week ago and I know that has some fans worried about his ability to fill in for DaQuan Jones. Here's the thing, he wasn't inactive due to lacking ability but more so lacking versatility. With the Bills already being somewhat shorthanded on the edge, Kendal Vickers is someone who can play both edge and inside, which makes him more valuable on game day.

With Jones out for the foreseeable future, Ford will undoubtedly be the man called up to fill his shoes. I don't know that Ford has the same pass-rush abilities that Jones showed on the field, but he is a good run-defender and occupies blocks, which keeps the linebackers clean. This should help Terrel Bernard, Dorian Williams, and possibly Tyrel Dodson if he sees the field too.