5 burning questions entering Week 6 the Buffalo Bills must answer

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Can Dorian Williams play well enough to not be a liability?

Williams finally got his shot to play in a game that mattered and his performance was hot and cold. He was flying all over the field and showed little to no hesitation, which is good. His instincts are there, and he was reading the play; however, he missed three tackles, while making four others.

Later in the game, he was subbed out in favor of Tyrel Dodson, who's play was decent but Williams continued to get time on the field throughout the game. He played a total of 42 snaps and the more he plays, I would imagine the better he will be.

Throughout the preseason, Williams was impressive and showed athleticism and quickness to the ball. As I said previously, he has the instincts and with time on the field, could become a solid piece to this defense. No one can replace what Matt Milano brought to the Bills defense but Williams doesn't need to play at that level. Just don't be a liability that has to be subbed out due to poor play or consistently missing tackles.