5 Buffalo Bills who won't be back for the 2024 season

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Deonte Harty - Wide receiver

Deonte Harty never materialized into the player many Bills fans were hoping or expecting. He had a few nice plays here and there, particularly the 96-yard punt return that saved the Bills against the Miami Dolphins a couple of weeks ago. That aside, he only caught 15 passes on 21 targets for 150 yards and a touchdown. He also averaged only ten yards per reception, and he was supposed to be a big play threat, someone who could stretch the field and he just never became that guy.

However, Harty is under contract for the 2024 season but if he's released before June 1, he'd cost the Bills a dead cap of $1.6 million but a net savings of $4.06 million. Again, every dime the Bills can save this offseason will be needed. Even in the punt return game, take away the 96-yard return and he only amassed 227 yards on 25 punt returns for an average of only 9.08, which not counting 2022 when he only had three returns due to injury, would have been the lowest of his career.


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