5 Buffalo Bills who won't be back for the 2024 season

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Tyrel Dodson - Linebacker

First of all, I hope that Tyrel Dodson resigns with the Bills. He's worked his tail off to prove he can play and be a starting linebacker in this league and deserves an opportunity to continue doing so. My concern is just that though, he's going to want to start on a defense, and with Matt Milano returning next season and Terrel Bernard entrenched as the middle linebacker, I don't think Dodson will get much of an opportunity to start in Buffalo.

If would be a huge asset to the Bills if they can retain him and would give the Bills solid depth behind Milano and Bernard but he's likely going to want to start and he's played very well this season. Enough that another team is going to be willing to pay him more than the Bills can or even would be willing to, given they would be bringing him back as a backup.