5 Buffalo Bills who won't be back for the 2024 season

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The Buffalo Bills will have a ton of questions to find answers for this offseason and unfortunately, those answers could prove difficult to find, given their salary cap situation. Per overthecap.com, the Bills are more than $43.7 million over the cap; however, that does not include whatever the cap increase winds up being for 2024 but regardless, Buffalo will have to be very creative to get back under the cap and field a Super Bowl contender again.

One thing many fans probably don't want to hear is that the Bills will likely be rolling things back in 2024 with largely the same roster, with a few new faces from the NFL Draft in April and GM Brandon Beane will probably sign a few low-key depth pieces on the cheap. Don't expect any splashy, big-name signings this offseason, as the team will mostly be focused on retaining their own.

One name you won't find on this list is wide receiver Gabe Davis. I know many think the team should move on from him and find a new number two and I agree with part of that sentiment. I do think the Bills need to find a new number two, which I'm hoping comes from the draft but Buffalo needs Davis back. He's a solid threat down the field and as the team's number four wideout, after Diggs, slot receiver Khalil Shakir, and whoever the new number two is, Davis could have a huge impact, playing as number four. Let's get into the five players I don't expect to see on the Buffalo Bills roster in 2024.