5 players on the Buffalo Bills who could be one and done in 2024

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Mike Edwards

The final player that might be one-and-done with the Buffalo Bills is safety Mike Edwards, who won his second Super Bowl ring of his career with the Kansas City Chiefs last season. He has primarily been a backup most of his career but does have 28 starts at safety.

This position was a big concern for the Bills with the end of an era of Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde as their starting safeties. It has been a strength of this defense and with limited cap space, the Bills had to get a little creative.

They were able to re-sign Taylor Rapp and before drafting Cole Bishop in the 2024 NFL Draft gave themselves a back up plan in the form of Mike Edwards. At the very least, Edwards can be a great backup to have on the team with his playoff experience but could be a starter this season.

However, with Cole Bishop on the roster he should be the future of the position and be the starter by 2025. The Bills may want to bring Edwards back next season because of that experience but it could also be a case of them drafting another safety next year to complete the position.