5 Buffalo Bills to watch in preseason game against Colts

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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1.) Kyle Allen - Quarterback

The newly signed backup quarterback was brought to Buffalo to backup the franchise guy in Josh Allen. This is Allen’s fourth team in six years, having spent time with Carolina, Washington, and Houston since 2018.

The quarterback is arguably the most important position in not just football, but all of sports as well. Not only do they have to know their assignments, but also know their offensive teammate assignments, be able to read different types of defense and think on the go when something does not go accordingly. Then there is the backup quarterback, who will step in should anything happen to the starter. 

Bills fans are hoping that Kyle Allen only has to be on the field during preseason and late in the fourth quarter if the Bills are up by atleast three touchdowns. However, Kyle Allen still needs to always be prepared and ready to go.

Between him and Matt Barkley, most if not all the reps will go to them during preseason. Allen will more than likely become the backup to Josh Allen, but it is still important to see how the backup quarterback performs.