5 Buffalo Bills to watch on offense in Week 1 against New York Jets

Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears
Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Stefon Diggs

Josh Allen can't do it alone and will need to lean on his top wide receiver Stefon Diggs. The former All-Pro wide receiver was a popular storyline this offseason with this idea that he was unhappy in Buffalo, there was a rift between him and his quarterback and he wanted to be traded.

Those rumors didn't make a lot of sense to me and Diggs tried his best to put those rumors to rest early in training camp. Stefon Diggs has been a big part of the offense since joining the Bills in 2020 and that shouldn't change this season.

This first game though is going to be a great battle between two players among the best at their respective positions as Diggs will likely draw cornerback Sauce Gardner for most of the game. The Jets cornerback was Defensive Rookie of the Year and quickly showed why he was a top draft pick.

This will be a fun matchup to watch throughout the course of the game and to see if Stefon Diggs can still be involved in the flow of the game.