5 Buffalo Bills who will turn heads during training camp

Buffalo Bills Training Camp
Buffalo Bills Training Camp / Joshua Bessex/GettyImages
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Josh Allen

Josh Allen is entering his sixth season in the NFL and while fans have gotten the chance to see the franchise quarterback plenty during training camp, what he can do on the field will never get old. He is unlike any other quarterback in the league with his combination of size and speed and it is only magnified during training camp practice.

The reason is that defenders can't really hit Josh Allen so this gives him the chance to scramble a little bit more. He can take advantage of his athleticism and extend plays that typically might be called dead or end in a sack.

On top of that, Josh Allen has incredible arm strength and how far, along with the speed, is often lost while watching the game on television. There will be certainly more than a few highlight reel plays by the starting quarterback during training camp.