Top 5 Buffalo Bills studs that dominated the Miami Dolphins in Week 4

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Ed Oliver - Defensive Tackle

Ed Oliver once again was a stud in the middle of the Bills' defensive line. I mentioned earlier this week that the easiest way to disrupt the timing of Tua's passing game or any passing attack for that matter, is getting pressure right up the middle. It's the fastest way to the quarterback and quickly gets their attention and Oliver did just that all day.

We don't have the total pressures for this game yet but Oliver produced another sack and added a quarterback hit as well. He also had two tackles for a loss, with three total tackles. Oliver was a menace and harassed Tua all afternoon and on the season is playing at an All-Pro level. And did I mention that Von Miller is set to return very soon? This Bills' defensive line is a monster and teams are going to have problems handling them all season.

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