Top 5 Buffalo Bills studs that dominated the Miami Dolphins in Week 4

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Well, so much for the Miami Dolphins defense being historical or whatever the national media wanted to call it. Even our own Coach McDermott called it "almost revolutionary". I guess almost doesn't quite cut it in this case.

The Buffalo Bills were masterful in this game with several players rising up and delivering a dominant performance. It was clear the Bills' defense heard all the hype this past week about the Dolphins' 70-point game and everyone asking, can the Bills stop their offense. First of all, the Bills defense answered that with an emphatic YES!

But the real question I was asking this past week was, can the Dolphins defense stop Josh Allen and the Bills' offense? The Miami defense hasn't been very good with the Chargers putting up over 30 points and 17 and 20 from the Patriots and Broncos. I know that's not a lot of points but those two have terrible offenses.

Anyways, enough about Miami, let's talk about how great our Buffalo Bills are. I'll write my AFC rankings later (look for that on Wednesday) and will have to strongly consider the Bills for the number spot but as I sit here contemplating that, I'm watching the Kansas City Chiefs play. As dominant as the Bills were, it goes without saying there were several studs on the Bills team but here are my top five.