5 Buffalo Bills studs against the New York Giants in Week 7

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Taron Johnson

Johnson made the play of the game defending against Darren Waller on the final play of the game, preserving the win for the Buffalo Bills. You can say it was interference if you want but the refs didn't call it that way, so it does not matter. What does matter is the Bills picked up the win.

Johnson had an incredible 15 tackles, leading both teams in that category Pro Football Focus graded Johnson's tackling with an incredible 88.7 and his run defense was 85.1. Most of the time when one of your corners has that many tackles, it's not a good thing but not in this case. Johnson, though listed as a corner, is the team's third "linebacker".

Terrel Bernard

I don't think anyone outside of the Bills organization saw this coming. Many fans were upset with the Bills for not resigning Tremaine Edmunds and all Bernard has done this season is make those fans forget about Edmunds. Bernard has filled the position like a seasoned veteran and has been excellent.

Bernard had 12 tackles, nine of which were solo. But he also added three tackles for a loss, adding to his season total. Bernard has shown he possesses those football instincts we always hear coaches and fans talk about. Some players seem to have it and some do not. Bernard seems to possess these instincts. On the season, he's recorded 35 tackles, including 21 stops, three sacks, and five tackles for a loss.