5 Buffalo Bills studs against the New York Giants in Week 7

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Josh Allen

Josh Allen and the offense were out of sync through the first half of this game, but I think that was more about the struggles of the running game and the offensive line too. The line didn't give up any sacks, but the New York Giants were able to pressure Allen consistently throughout the game. Allen was beaten up and at one point was forced out to check for a concussion. He also took a hit, landing hard on his shoulder, and appeared in some discomfort.

Allen's ability to move around the pocket and make plays on the run was the reason the offensive line didn't give up any sacks. In the second half, Allen was able to get things going with the offense and led two huge drives for touchdowns that were ultimately all they would need to win this game. His stat line was impressive with only 169 yards passing and two touchdowns. That throw on the second touchdown was exactly why Allen is considered one of the best quarterbacks in the league.