5 Buffalo Bills who need to step up in Week 5 against the Jaguars

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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The Buffalo Bills find themselves as one of the top teams in the NFL heading into Week 5 with a 3-1 record. This will be the first time since 2015 that they will play across the pond for the first since 2015, ironically against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Bills ended up losing that game 34-31. Through four weeks, the Bills lead the NFL in point differential (+84), have the second most points scored (139), and have the least amounts scored against them (55). 

Their opponent, the Jacksonville Jaguars come into this matchup at 2-2 with a -2 point differential but have an advantage over the Bills as they have been in London for 2 weeks because they faced and beat the Atlanta Falcons in Week 4 in London. On paper, the Bills have the better overall roster but it all comes down to what happens on the field. 

While Buffalo has dominated the last three games, winning by 28 points or more, it is not sustainable. The Bills will need maximum effort from all 22 starters, and there are five players who will need to step up even more to help secure an international win. With this being a trap game for Buffalo, it will be important to hit the restart button going into this game, despite the fact that they just took control of the AFC East last Sunday.

Here are the five Buffalo Bills that will need to step up in Week 5.