5 Buffalo Bills that should receive contract extension this offseason

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The Buffalo Bills are going to have some work to do ahead of free agency in the middle of March as they currently are over the salary cap. There will certainly be players that will be released but the front office could also extend some players with new contracts.

If the two sides can agree on a new deal, it is essentially a win-win for the team and the player. For the players, it gives them new contracts that likely come with a pay increase while the team can spread out the current cap hit over the length of the new contract.

With that in mind, these are five players that could receive contract extensions over the next few weeks.

Mitch Morse

Mitch Morse is entering the final year of a two-year extension worth $19.5 million and has a cap hit of $11.4 million this year. He will be 33 years old after this season and likely doesn't have many years left in the NFL.

However, he had one of his best seasons this past year and was a key part of a drastically improved offensive line for the Bills. Unlike some of the other players on this list, it wouldn't be a long-term extension but adding just one year could help create some cap space for this offseason.