5 Buffalo Bills players who will be cut before 2023 season

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Buffalo Bills, Ja'Marcus Ingram
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Buffalo Bills players who will be cut before 2023 season: CB Ja'Marcus Ingram

Cornerback is definitely a position the Bills need to see one or two players step up and prove they are worthy of a significant roster spot. Right now, we think we know who the 5-to-7 cornerbacks are going to be, but training camp will be very telling for one or two guys toward the bottom of the depth chart.

Tre'Davious White and Kaiir Elam are the outside starters, right now, with Taron Johnson manning the slot. Behind White and Elam are Christian Benford and Dane Jackson, both of whom have had to play meaningful snaps.

Benford, a sixth-round rookie last year, started five games for the Bills and gained a ton of valuable time, whether he impressed or not. In those games, he actually performed admirably, holding opposing quarterbacks to a mediocre 84.1 rating and giving up just one touchdown.

That's five corners right there, and the Bills could also keep Siran Neal as a backup nickel. Buffalo drafted Alex Austin late in the draft, too, which would give them seven worth keeping around. There just isn't any room for Ja'Marcus Ingram, and he'll likley end up a practice squad candidate like he has been since joining Buffalo.