5 Buffalo Bills players on offense who need to impress at minicamp

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2.) Center - Mitch Morse

Morse has been the anchor of the offensive line in Buffalo since 2019 and has been a steady player with incredible leadership skills. He has been a valuable player for the Bills as the main protector in front of Allen. You might be wondering “Why would Morse need to impress at minicamp?”.

Morse is 31 years old, with a recent injury history having missed four games last season. Since being in Buffalo, he has only played healthy for one season out of four years, and he is set to make a base salary of over $6 million this year and the dead cap of him being released would be over $8 million. Last season, Morse also dealt with concussion issues. The big question about Morse is whether or not he can stay healthy at the price he is being paid. 

Let’s say that Morse is not on the roster come week one, who would step in for Morse at center? The easy answer would be Ryan Bates, who is versatile and has stepped in at center during Morse’s absence. While this move may not happen until potentially next year when Morse goes into his contract year, don’t rule this out as a possibility.