5 Buffalo Bills players not named Josh Allen who have to step up in 2023

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5.) Spencer Brown - Offensive Tackle

This season will show if Spencer Brown is worthy of keeping on the Bills’ roster for the long-term. As he heads into this third season in his rookie contract, there will be a test as to whether or not he might be on a different team in a year or two.

Brown has battled through injuries, especially last season where he had a back injury that seemed to stick with him throughout the year. Part of Allen’s journey since coming onto the scene in Buffalo is making plays with his legs. Those plays are flashy and exciting, but it’s dangerous to have a quarterback as the main ball carrier. Not to mention, if those plays are broken because of lack of protection upfront. 

Brown should run into MetLife stadium as a starting offensive tackle for the Bills in week one. Although, if Brown picks up where he left off in 2022, he could be in trouble with his starting position. It’s simple, protect the franchise and be available. If Brown is able to step forward in 2023, Allen should have more time in the pocket.