5 Buffalo Bills players who will be cut before the 2024 season

The Buffalo Bills are close to filling out their 90-man roster, and very soon will begin the task of finding their final 53 for the start of the 2024 NFL season. Here are five players that might not make it past cut-down day.
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Tommy Doyle - Offensive Tackle

I feel bad putting Tommy Doyle on this list, but he's struggled since day one to stay healthy. We don't even know how good or bad he could be because he hasn't been able to stay healthy enough to get an opportunity. Now that opportunity will get even harder to come by with the additions of Tylan Grable and Travis Clayton through the draft. Clayton is part of the NFL's International Pathway Program and doesn't count against the roster, but he's still another body to take snaps.

The coaching staff seems to like Alec Anderson and Ryan Van Demark too, with both playing well during training camp and preseason last year. I think Doyle will have a hard time climbing high enough on the depth chart to make the 53-man roster and become a cut candidate. He could be an option on the practice squad; however, I could see another team signing him if that is the case.