5 Buffalo Bills players who will be cut before the 2024 season

The Buffalo Bills are close to filling out their 90-man roster, and very soon will begin the task of finding their final 53 for the start of the 2024 NFL season. Here are five players that might not make it past cut-down day.
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Rookie minicamp and the next round of OTAs are around the corner. The Bills currently have 87 players on the roster, with three more to add to fill out the 90-man roster. Even still, we will look at some possible cut candidates before the start of the 2024 NFL season. Buffalo will have to get down to 53 before kickoff of the season, but I'm looking at five players I think could be among those cut.

With the Bills adding ten rookies to the squad, it's a safe bet a few of them put some current vets in jeopardy of getting cut, and a few of those I put on this list will lose their spots due to a few of the rookies. Others were added via free agency, and I don't see them as anything more than camp bodies and likely not making the team. Brandon Beane and the Bills have made an obvious decision to get bigger at the wide receiver position, adding four receivers through the draft and free agency who stand 6'4" tall. Not all of them will make this roster.

Despite the cuts, some of these players could be added to the Bills practice squad. The downside is that that opens them up to other teams potentially signing them to their roster. This scenario happened last season, with the Bills' last two selections of the 2023 NFL Draft when the Houston Texans signed guard Nick Broeker and corner Alex Austin. With ten rookies this season, some will be added to the practice squad and could happen again.

Buffalo Bills potential cut candidates before the 2024 season