5 offseason decisions already paying off for the Buffalo Bills

Green Bay Packers v Buffalo Bills
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Buffalo Bills draft O'Cyrus Torrence in the second round

Another reason for the success of the run game this season has been the improvements the Buffalo Bills were able to make on their offensive line. Early in free agency, the Bills would sign Connor McGovern to a three-year contract.

However, the team didn't stop there and would go back to the position early in the 2023 NFL Draft with the selection of O'Cyrus Torrence out of Florida. He was considered one of the best guards in this class and has certainly looked like it to start the year.

O'Cyrus Torrence would win the starting job during preseason and has not only started every game this season but has played every offensive snap through the first four games. After Week 1, the offensive line has been playing at a high level and Torrence is a big reason for that.