5 offseason decisions already paying off for the Buffalo Bills

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This past offseason, the Buffalo Bills didn't make any big splashes like the year prior when they signed free agent Von Miller. The front office had to be a little more calculated in the moves they did make as they were limited in terms of salary cap and draft capital.

With that said, the Bills made a number of decisions that already are paying off for this team only four games into the 2023 season. These are five of those decisions made this offseason.

5 offseason decisions already paying off for the Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills did not sign Tremaine Edmunds

At the time, one of the decisions that caused panic was the Bills not re-signing Tremaine Edmunds. He had been their starter for five seasons at middle linebacker but would leave in free agency to sign a massive contract with the Chicago Bears.

What made the decision even more concerning was they didn't bring any players in, either in free agency or the NFL Draft, that were clear replacements for Edmunds. Instead, they elected to look within the franchise and open a competition between Tyrel Dodson, Terrel Bernard, and third round pick Dorian Williams.

The uncertainty didn't really subside until the regular season as Bernard would get the starting job but didn't play at all during the preseason. Fortunately, Terrel Bernard has been a star in the middle of this defense with two sacks, two forced fumbles and two interceptions through four games.

Terrel Bernard may not have the size that Edmunds did, but he has shown he is already an upgrade in terms of these splash plays and is a big reason for the success of the defense this season.