5 Buffalo Bills on offense to watch in Week 15 against Dallas Cowboys

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The Dallas Cowboys offense has gotten much of attention as of late, and rightfully so as they have scored 30 or more points in five straight games. The Cowboys currently lead the league in points per game at just over 32 points.

However, the Cowboys defense is also very good and they do a few things particularly well that the Bills are going to have to focus on. When looking ahead to this matchup, these are five players on the Bills offense that are worth watching as they will need big performances in Week 15.

5 Buffalo Bills on offense to watch in Week 15 against Dallas Cowboys

Dion Dawkins/Spencer Brown

The focus for the offensive line is going to be to slow down Micah Parsons as he already has 12.5 sacks and 27 QB hits through 13 games. The challenge is that the Cowboys move Parsons around so it won't necessarily be on just one player but all five players are going to need to know where the former All-Pro is before the snap.

A majority of the time, the responsibility is going to fall on the offensive tackles Dion Dawkins and Spencer Brown to keep Parsons away from Josh Allen. The good news is that Brown has taken a significant step forward this year and Dawkins has been fairly consistent throughout the season.

The coaching staff should be looking to give these two help but if the offensive tackles can limit Parsons' impact this week, it will be a big boost for the offense.