5 Buffalo Bills on offense who are destined for the practice squad

Buffalo Bills v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Jace Sternberger

The Buffalo Bills signed Jace Sternberger at the end of July after he played great football in the USFL. He was a former third round pick by the Green Bay Packers but hadn't played a regular season game since 2020.

Sternberger is an athletic tight end that is more of a pass catcher than a run blocker, but the direction the Buffalo Bills have taken the position recently would make him a good fit for this offense.

He certainly had a chance to make the 53-man roster if he could surpass Quintin Morris. However, he would probably have had to be absolutely perfect, and a fumble in the first preseason game against the Colts probably ended those chances.

Sternberger did bounce back against the Steelers and had a nice 27-yard reception and with how much the Bills want to run two-tight end sets this year, it makes perfect sense to have a tight end on the practice squad.