5 Buffalo Bills who could make their first Pro Bowl in 2023

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Nyheim Hines

James Cook may not be the only running back from the Buffalo Bills to make the Pro Bowl, as Nyheim Hines could also join him at the All-Star game. However, Hines would be going to the Pro Bowl as a returner.

Last year, was Nyheim Hines first chance to be almost exclusively on kickoff returns, and made a great impact with an average of 29.2 yards per kickoff return. He also had two kickoff returns for touchdowns, both against the New England Patriots in the regular season finale.

He would lead the league in kickoff returns for touchdowns and finish second among players with 15 or more kickoff returns in terms of average per kickoff return. If Nyheim Hines remains the full-time starter and can make the same impact over a full regular season, he has a great chance to represent the Buffalo Bills at the Pro Bowl.