5 Buffalo Bills who could make their first Pro Bowl in 2023

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James Cook

The Buffalo Bills have not had a running back be named to the Pro Bowl since LeSean McCoy did it in 2017. That could change this season for second-year running back James Cook.

While Cook is probably the player with the longest odds, there is a scenario where he has a breakout season and makes the Pro Bowl. He is a running back that won't pick up big totals running the ball but theoretically could finish the year around 800 rushing yards.

The reason that James Cook has a chance to make the Pro Bowl is as a receiver out of the backfield. He was one of the best in his draft class and in this offense, and how much the Buffalo Bills throw the ball, it isn't unrealistic to expect him to get upwards of 80 receptions and maybe another 700-800 yards receiving.

If James Cook can finish with close to 1,600 total yards from scrimmage and double digit touchdowns, he should make his first Pro Bowl.