5 Buffalo Bills in line for bigger roles in 2024 after start of free agency

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Khalil Shakir

The final player who is already in line for a bigger role in 2024 is wide receiver Khalil Shakir. The Buffalo Bills already added Curtis Samuel, and they may go back to the position during the NFL Draft, but with the way Shakir finished the season he should have a bigger role.

Over the past two seasons, Davis has had over 170 targets and these targets are now up for grabs. Certainly Samuel should see a good chunk of those but Shakir should see a significant bump from the 45 he received last season. The reason that this should be good news for the offense is that Shakir had one of the best catch rates in the league at 86.7%.

The one thing that could limit Shakir's role is how Joe Brady and the coaching staff view the former fifth round pick. He primarily played in the slot last season but with Samuel now on the team, Shakir might be asked to play outside and be the direct replacement for Davis.

While Shakir doesn't have the same size as Davis, he certainly is big enough to beat some of the press coverage outside wide receivers see at 6'0" and 190 pounds. The Buffalo Bills have options at this point but entering the season, Khalil Shakir should be firmly part of the plans for this offense.