5 Buffalo Bills in line for bigger roles in 2024 after start of free agency

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Taylor Rapp

The safety position is going to look very different for Buffalo Bills fans with Jordan Poyer signing with the Miami Dolphins and Micah Hyde being a free agent and seeming like a long-shot to return. Shortly after the Bills released Poyer, they agreed to a three-year deal with Taylor Rapp which was a strong indication that he is expected to be a starter.

The Bills signed Rapp last offseason as a free agent on a one-year deal. He began the season as the backup but as the year went along he would start four games due to injuries suffered by Hyde and Poyer. The defense also started to play more three safety schemes and Rapp would be that extra safety.

Unfortunately for the front office, there work is not done at the position as they only other safeties on the roster is Damar Hamlin, Kendall Williamson and Cam Lewis could play the position if needed. The Bills will be adding more to the position but it will be to play next to Rapp and not replace him.