5 Buffalo Bills who impressed in Week 5 against the Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills
Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills / Henry Browne/GettyImages
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Leonard Floyd

A.J. Epenesa wasn't the only defensive end who had a great game against the Jacksonville Jaguars as Leonard Floyd continues an excellent start to the 2023 season. The Bills signed Floyd after the NFL Draft and was one of the last big free agent signings they made this offseason.

However, it could end up being the most impactful as Floyd had two sacks against the Jaguars and is leading the Buffalo Bills in that category with 5.5. Last year, the leader in the sack category for the Buffalo Bills was Von Miller and Greg Rousseau who only had eight.

The injuries on the defensive side of the ball are piling up for the Buffalo Bills however this pass rush is what is going to help this group remain one of the top units in the NFL. A healthy Von Miller and Greg Rousseau, along with A.J. Epenesa and Leonard Floyd, is going to be problems for opposing quarterbacks.