5 Buffalo Bills who need extended snaps in preseason game against Colts

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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Terrel Bernard

The battle to replace Tremaine Edmunds as the starting middle linebacker for the Buffalo Bills seems to be down to two players: Tyrel Dodson and Terrel Bernard. Entering this first preseason game, the coaching staff should give Bernard the start and allow him to play a majority of the snaps.

Bernard was a third round pick by the Buffalo Bills last year and while he played in every regular season game, most of those snaps were on special teams. In fact, he would play only 11% of the defensive snaps last season.

It is important to give Bernard as many snaps as possible, if they believe he can be the starter, to get experience both on the field and also getting the plays from Sean McDermott on the sideline. The middle linebacker is usually the one that has to communicate to the rest of the defense the play call and this repetition will help once the regular season rolls around.