5 Buffalo Bills on defense who are destined for the practice squad

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The Buffalo Bills only have one week before they are going to have to cut their roster from the nearly 90 players they currently have down to the league-mandated 53 players for the regular season. They are going to have some tough decisions to make on the defensive side of the ball with the depth the team has.

The front office is going to have to be strategic about who they release. The reason is that the practice squad has become much more valuable as teams can call players up on a weekly basis during the course of the season.

It is important to have players that can make an impact and while it is a risk because other teams could sign these players off their practice squad, these are five players that seem like perfect fits for their practice squad.

5 Buffalo Bills on defense who are destined for the practice squad

Alex Austin

Over the past few seasons, the Buffalo Bills have released draft picks in their rookie seasons because they just don't have the roster space to keep every draft pick on the 53-man roster. This season one of those draft picks that look likely to be released is Alex Austin.

The Bills drafted Austin in the seventh round out of Oregon State but the Buffalo Bills have excellent depth at cornerback. It was going to be a tough task for Austin to move up the depth chart in his first season. While he hasn't, he has shown enough in the preseason that the Bills should try to bring him back on the practice squad and have a year to develop in the system.