5 Buffalo Bills who could have career seasons in Sean McDermott's defense

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
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1.) Ed Oliver

The now franchise defensive tackle for the team has shown flashes at what he can on the field. There are times when Oliver has blown up a play and caused disruption which forces an offense to pass rather than try to run up the middle. However, Oliver also has been pushed around at times and has yet to really show his true talents that he displayed in college at Houston that led him to being the number nine overall pick in 2019. 

Referring back to the aggressiveness that McDermott may implement, this is a perfect setup for Oliver to cause havoc in the trenches and become the team’s tone setter in a game. The Bills run defense has been shaky for seasons now and it is time to change that reality.

Oliver could help take on the double teams and cause a mess upfront to distract a blocker, and help the guys behind like Milano make a big play. Oliver was signed to a contract extension for a reason, and this upcoming season might be the reason why now that McDermott will be calling the plays.