5 Buffalo Bills who could have career seasons in Sean McDermott's defense

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3.) Matt Milano

Arguably the most valuable player on the Bills’ defense who is finally getting the recognition that he deserves across the NFL, Milano has become a franchise player for the Bills’ success. He knows how to read an offense and has the sideline-to-sideline speed to make a play towards the ball. Now you might be asking, how could Milano, who is coming off his first season as being labeled as an All-Pro have a career year once again? 

If you go back to the days where the Bills had defensive tackle Star Lotulelei, the Bills defense was set up for Lotulelei to take on double teams, taking away a blocker which allowed both Milano and Tremaine Edmunds to fly into the backfield to make a play at the line of scrimmage.

The Bills have lacked that kind of size upfront for sometime now, but with the addition of Poona For who could take on the double teams and make a pile, this could allow Milano to get back to that style of play. If you add that benefit along with what Milano did last season, Milano could see his production would increase even more.